Drivers should be wary of deer as visibility gets low

CHEROKEE COUNTY, Kan. – The Kansas Highway Patrol says motorists should be weary of deer as the sun begins to set earlier in the day.

Officers with the patrol say the most common time that accidents occur is at dusk and dawn.

This is due to low visibility from drivers while deer activity is at its peak.

Experts say drivers should slow down at deer crossing signs which are usually posed in the following locations:

  • Where deer-vehicle collisions have repeatedly occurred
  • Near woods
  • By parks
  • Next to golf courses
  • Along streams or creeks

Officers say Motorcyclists need to be especially careful; fatality rates are higher in deer-motorcycle accidents than in deer-car crashes.

According to the KHP, anyone involved in a vehicle-deer crash that results in personal injury or property damage of  $1,000 or more is required to immediately report the crash to the nearest law enforcement agency.

Failure to report any traffic crash is a misdemeanor and may result in the suspension of driving privileges.

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