Drivers saddle up for Humboldt’s truck rodeo

A judge at the Truck Rodeo

Brian Kreger may not look like your typical cowboy, but he still saddled up for the Monarch Cement Company’s truck rodeo on Monday.

“It’s been great. I’m glad I got selected to come and participate. It’s really, really fun and different,” said Kreger.

Brian was one of ten different cement truck drivers from the many subsidiaries of the Monarch Cement Company showing of their skills behind the wheel.

“They very rarely ever get any recognition and they all have a lot of good well crafted skills that a lot of them worked a long time on. And it’s a good way to recognize them locally, and if they win this they get go on to the national competition next fall in Colorado,” said Monarch’s Missouri Regional Manager Justin Tucker.

Drivers competed in various events that posed the kind of challenges they’ll encounter on a job site, including the tennis ball drive through station.

“They back through the tennis balls, and that’s a pretty good representation of if we’re backing down a street and paving a street, and there’s dowel baskets on each side. I mean them guys have to back right through there and not hit anything, unload, and then drive back through that area,” said Tucker.

And while precision and accuracy were the name of the game, there was also a chance to knock some pins over via mixer truck bowling, arguably the rodeo’s most popular competition. The wind complicated things but fun was still had.

“Well the wind on the bowling pins was definitely a downer, but other than that it’s been great,” said Kreger.

The Monarch Cement Company is in it to win it when it comes to the nationals, and their leadership thinks this local truck rodeo will be the first of many.

Congratulations to Nick Stine of City Wide Construction in Ozark, Missouri. He’s the champ.

Matt Hudson from Springfield Ready Mix is the reserve grand champion. Both will represent monarch in the nationals this fall.