Drivers not stopping at intersection near Pittsburg High School concerns residents

Some people are raising concern about an intersection on the eastern edge of Pittsburg saying it’s unsafe.

The corner of Highway 126 and North Free King is just a block away from Pittsburg High School and neighbors in the area say this street is like a race track. But they’re not only blaming students.

People who live in the area say a majority of drivers along the road are not stopping at the stop signs.

After complaints to the Crawford County Sheriff’s Department and the Pittsburg Police Department, neighbors say not enough has been done.

They tell us they don’t want to seem like they are complaining, but they wanted to bring it up before someone is killed.

Pittsburg High School Principal Jon Bishop says the school has warned students.

“The period before the end of the day we have been making announcement the last two or three days to please be safe, don’t exceed speed, don’t peel out in parking lots, don’t peel out in the roads,” says Principal Bishop.

If students are seen driving recklessly they could face consequences.

“They could lose their parking privilege, which is a big deal too for a lot of kids, it is a privilege not a right to be able to park out here,” says Bishop.

But the school also says there’s not much they can do if students are not on school campus.

Pittsburg police released a statement Wednesday saying “The Pittsburg Police Department is working with the Pittsburg High School and the Crawford County Sheriff’s Department to identify any traffic problems in the area of PHS.”

Neighbors say they would like a traffic signal or a four way stop.

At the end of the school day on Wednesday both Crawford County deputies and Pittsburg police were seen in the area.