Donation means better training for local search and rescue team

Liberty Utilities donates spools to 4 states S&R

Wrigley is an eight year old chocolate lab that knows how to do a lot more than just fetch.

Bryan Patrick, 4 State Search and Rescue:”He is certified in live area search, and human remains detection.”

Wrigley is one of more than ten certified dogs that help make up 4 State Search and Rescue.. a rescue team that goes toward the ruble covered aftermath of a natural disaster to help those most vulnerable.

Patrick:”One of the things that we (Wrigley and Patrick) did get to do as a team is in 2015, we went to Napal to help with the earthquake there. We spent two weeks with a group of doctors and some other team members searching for victims.”

The team specializes in things like human remains detection, area wilderness searches, tracking and live rescues.

But a big part of that is continuing training.. so they can focus on rescuing when the seconds count.

Liberty Utilities donated more than a dozen wooden spools to make that training a bit more “ruff”.

Patrick:”Which has been really great. Being able to get on a surface like this in training helps the dog learn to place their feet carefully, so that they don’t make a misstep and end up injuring themselves.”

Jillian Urtis, Liberty Utilities:”Our crews are involved in a lot of disasters, like the Joplin tornado for example, and so disaster recovery’s something that’s obviously very important to us and it means a lot that we could donate these spools to help out.”

A donation that will help Wrigley and Patrick do their job even better.

Patrick:”We wouldn’t exist without support from the community and from Liberty.”

If you want to learn more about 4 State Search and Rescue, follow this link.