Dog Park Opens in Fort Scott

Dog Park Opens in Fort Scott

Dog parks are becoming more popular across the country. According to the Animal Humane Society, the parks are a great way to socialize and exercise dogs. Now Fort Scott residents have the chance to do so at the brand new dog park that opened today.

They’re called man’s best friend for a reason. A Fort Scott couple saw dog parks in other, larger cities while on vacation and wanted their dog, Doogie, to have the experiences they offer.

“It’s exercise, it’s getting out, it’s partnering with your animal to get them to do things, and they get used to seeing other dogs and get used to being around other dogs which is an important part to their associating as well,” says Jim Scott, who started the idea with his wife Martha.

They partnered with other dog owners and brought the idea to the city.The project gathered community support and more than $8,000 was donated to purchase the fence.

“It’s amazing how many people are thrilled. Sometimes you don’t realize how many dogs are out there and how important they are to people. Shut-ins, to big families, to kids growing up, dogs are an important part of their life,” says Scott.

Leash laws within the city keep dogs close to their owners. The 220 by 100 foot area gives dogs a new freedom and provides a new attraction in Fort Scott.

“A lot of people do bring their animals when they come camp or visit or what not so this is just one more asset for people that come and visit our community to take advantage of,” says Lindsay Madison with the Fort Scott Area Chamber of Commerce.

Some dos may have to wear rain gear to protect their fur today, but once the weather clears up, one owner plans to come at least once a week

“He loves other dogs, little, big and this will be a place that he can run with other dogs safely and in a wonderful atmosphere,” says resident Lee Lorimer.

The inspiration for the park, Doogie even gets the chance to help cut the ribbon.

Signs, benches, a trash bags were all donated by area organizations. Organizers say they expect the park to stay busy.