Distribution day for Newton County Food Basket Brigade

Annual food drive helps more than 800 families
Distribution day for Newton County Food Basket Brigade

A big day for the Newton County Food Basket Brigade.. as food is handed out and delivered by 200 plus volunteers to more than two-thousand people in the community.

More than a hundred Newton ounty residents heard the words “Merry Christmas”, as volunteers with the Newton County Food Basket Brigade brought them food baskets.

One of them was 73 year old Lester Thurman.

Lester Thurman, Neosho Resident:”This year, man, they brought a lot.”

Thurman has a blood disorder, so he can’t leave home.. and he lives alone, so he has to depend on home health care and people like the food basket brigade to bring him food.

Thurman:”They’ve brought it here, well.. The last few years. It’s really nice.”

For Christine Rhodes and her family, delivering food to people who are home bound — like Thurman– has become a tradition.

Christine Rhodes, Volunteer:”This is one of Neosho’s best facets I think. We see the same people volunteering in the same specialized ways, and then we get to go out into the community and see those people that we’ve created relationships with cause we see them every Christmas at this time, and Lester’s just one of those.”

Back at the distribution center at the Newton County fairgrounds, more than 200 volunteers helped hand food out to more than 700 families.. filling baskets with food for a Christmas dinner, and about two weeks after that.

A sentiment that many people receiving the food share in common is that this gift really can make all the difference in the world.

Brandie Mathews, Neosho Resident:”I know there’s tons of people here that are in the same position as what I am, where you’re disabled and everything, so to have that extra help during Christmas is.. it’s a weight off your shoulders.”

An impact that all of the volunteers want to make on everyone in their community who may need a helping hand this holiday season.

Rhodes:”During this time of year, there’s two things that we decided we didn’t want in Newton county, and in Neosho in particular. We didn’t want people to be cold, and we didn’t want them to be hungry, and so the food basket brigade was a great thing for us to participate in.”

This was the 31-st year for the food basket brigade.

They also provided food baskets to 50 people who live in Diamond, Granby and Fairview Missouri.