Disaster Simulation for health science students at MSSU

Preparing students for real world
Disaster Simulation for health science students at MSSU

Student Actors and dummies were patients for the day to allow MSSU health science students to practice treating them as if they were in a real hospital.

Getting a glimpse into their future, simulation director, Caleb Lewis wants the students to be fully prepared.

“So we want them to experience something like this before they start working so if something happens in the real world they’ll have an idea of what to do.”

The simulation was the first time that students from different medical departments could work together.

Nursing, EMS/Paramedics, Radiology and Respiratory Theropy learned what it would be like to work with each other in a high stress situation.

Nursing student Whitney Harrison says the simulation proved to have some difficulty but she was taking it all as a learning experience.

“It’s kind of difficult to properly assess and see which patients are more immediate than others but I think it is a really good learning process and you kind of learn as you go.”

Lewis believes it is important for the students to have this experience to be able to fully know what is going on with their own and other departments.

“When they start working, they are going to be forced to be in situations with other clinicians and they need to know what’s going on, it just helps with patient care and more efficient work.”

This is the second year that MSSU put on this disaster simulation for students.