Disability Mentoring Day

Disability Mentoring Day

Gabby Richards is a Galena High Sophomore with dyslexia, and she knows first hand how hard life can be at times living with a disability.

“Sometimes it can be really harsh in high school because of kids, but here they teach you to have more confidence in yourself and in jobs. Not just in jobs, they teach you to have confidence, no matter what,” said Richards.

Gabby is one of the 140 students from four Kansas counties attending Disability Mentoring Day in Pittsburg. It’s a day dedicated to not only boosting confidence but the teaching priceless life skills that require confidence, like acing a job interview.

“What I’ve learned here so far is not to give up on yourself, believe in yourself, and push yourself forward,” said Richards.

One of the event’s biggest confidence boosters for the students is knowing they’re not alone. Numerous 4-State employers were on hand to assist in mock job interviews, and some of them might have found some future talent!

“Something that we found was just focusing on their strength and building their confidence as they spoke to us and teaching that. Some of these kids grew up welding, or on a ranch, or a farm, and have a lot of strengths in that aspect. I think figuring that out and finding out how you can fit them into your place of employment is the biggest part,”

The Pittsburg event is now in its 12th year and continues to grow. And Gabby has a message for any student with a disability who might be interested.

“I just wanted to tell you younger teens, I am 17-years-old and I am still having trouble with learning and stuff. But this helps. Tell your teachers about this,” said Richards.