About Digital Advertising

KOAMNewsNow.com offers a huge audience to our potential advertisers. Since it is the most used site in the 4-states we can get your business message to a larger audience.

If you want to take your advertising to the next level, Phase 3 Digital can help you do that.

Phase 3 Digital works with our partners to maximize their growth with world-class, innovative digital advertising products and marketing services with a client first approach in all we do. At Phase 3 Digital, we offer a customizable solution to fit your business’ specific needs.

KOAMNewsNow.com Advertising

KoamNewsNow.com is the most used website in the 4-State Area. It features the latest local news, weather, & sports. Stay local by targeting users in your area!

  • 576,646 Average Monthly Sessions
  • 834,588 Average Monthly Page Views
  • Over 25,000 Average Daily Page Views*

*Numbers are a 12-month average (September 2020 – September 2021)

Phase 3 Digital Advertising & Services

  • Social Media –  we will proactively target relevant users to increase page likes and website conversions.
  • OTT – Phase 3 Digital has access to hundreds of premium streaming inventory for OTT ad delivery
  • Targeted Display – builds awareness of your business. Targeting IP address, geography, and more!
  • Social Media & Website Management – we create content that is branded, relevant, and engaging to your audience and business.
  • Website Design-  we can construct your website into a responsive platform with an emphasis on mobile design.

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