Dierks officially ousted as Sheriff for misconduct

Former Sheriff Robert Dierks
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MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Kan. – Robert Dierks is officially ousted from the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office after a settlement hearing in District Court on Monday.

Dierks, while Sheriff, was accused of interfering with a law enforcement officer and intimidation of a witness in 2018. In the settlement, Dierks agreed to the contentions from the State of Kansas that he conducted misconduct in office by trying to persuade a deputy to not arrest his then-girlfriend for a DUI.

The settlement states that Dierks contacted the deputy’s supervisor and tried to get him to abandon the arrest. Dierks also agreed to the contention that he tried to persuade the deputy’s supervisors to not testify in the woman’s suspension of driver’s license hearing.

Dierks was suspended from office in March 2019. Five months later, his trial was declared a mistrial because of an attorney’s health issue.

A new date was set, but settlement discussions began.

Under the settlement, Dierks agrees to not seek public officer for at least 12 months and to not discuss the merits of his case.

Undersheriff Richard George has been acting as interim Sheriff.