Diamond School District begins summer school, takes precautions against COVID-19

Staff emphasizing normalcy while following health and safety guidelines

DIAMOND, Mo. – Virtual learning took the front seat in the midst of COVID-19, but the halls are coming back to life for summer school and students couldn’t be happier.

“It feels really good. I haven’t seen my friends in so long and I’m just excited to be back and see them again,” said Dawson Housh.

That’s how a lot of kids feel, and teachers too. Even with some changes being put in place, it’s a test run for what the fall might look like.

Water bottles

Students will be using personal water bottles instead of utilizing drinking fountains, treating them as filling stations instead.

“It’s just nice to see people getting out, and I mean we still take precautions and we’re doing really well at keeping our distances and having a good time at summer school,” said Bob Roszell, one 5th grade teacher.

“Our largest classrooms maybe had 14 kids in them…12. A lot of them had 10 kids, and so there’s plenty of space. They’re able to space out and still be kids. They went out on the playground, we handed them a little wipe on their way out, and the kids were having fun wiping things down and still being kids,” said Keith White, Superintendent for the Diamond School District.

It’s not just about being safe, it’s about having fun, and school officials are making sure that happens by passing out bags and water bottles that kids can easily customize.

“Just a fun activity to make sure they keep their germs to themselves and reduce the spread,” explained Lisa Northup, Diamond’s Elementary Principal and coordinator of summer school.

Even though water fountains have now become bottle filling stations, kids like Housh say they like the change…and washing hands and sitting further apart is a small price to pay to be back in the classroom.

Isolation area

Diamond School District shares image of isolation area for any potential students who may show signs of COVID-19, providing a safe space to wait for their guardian.

“I hope more of my friends come back tomorrow because if they do, they’ll have a really fun time.”

Another change: grab-and-go lunches, limiting touching in the cafeteria. Masks are optional, but available for students to wear. You can still enroll a student in summer school with the Diamond School District.

You can view the full list of precautions being taken within the Diamond School District here.