Diamond High School moves classes online temporarily due to COVID-19 exposure

DIAMOND, Mo. – Diamond High School has moved into Phase 4, pushing all classes online after a rise in coronavirus cases and quarantined contacts.

“27% of our students in the high school are quarantined, we have six active cases. Six cases is a lot of active cases, but at the same time, we can deal with six students being gone. When we have 62 students gone, at the high school, it really changes what we need to do at the high school,” stated Keith White, Superintendent of the Diamond School District.

Diamond High School leads the way in COVID-19 cases and quarantine numbers for the district. Even so, White says these numbers shouldn’t raise alarm.

“We have nine students that are quarantined in the elementary that puts them at 3.26%, we have 17 students quarantined in the middle school and one active case, and then like I said, 62 in the high school…and all of that data follows exactly the trend that’s nationwide, statewide we’re seeing is age-appropriately this is where the positive cases come and where the trace contacting comes,” explained White.

Phase 4 begins on September 15 and will run through September 23rd. That’s when the majority of students are due to be released from quarantine.
Concerned families hope this helps get things back on track.

“Yeah I think it’s a good idea to be on quarantine to see what happens and stuff, and stay home where it goes away, I’m ready for it to go away,” said Penny Gibbens, one grandmother in Diamond.

The Diamond School District has created an online COVID-19 dashboard that will be updated daily, hoping numbers will drop off quickly so in-person classes can resume on schedule.

“We’re talking about almost 1/3 of our students being out and the hard part for teachers, 20% always kinda been the threshold for flu and sickness, you get down below 80% of your students, it’s really hard to be effective in the classroom,” said White.

White says each confirmed case averages about 16 contacts that must be quarantined.Covid Numbers

The Phase 4 closure will also mean all high school practices are cancelled. Activities will be rescheduled, if possible.

Diamond’s high school students who also attend Crowder College will also work virtually during Phase 4.

So far, these changes only apply to Diamond High School students.