Deputies: Children Were Forced To Cover-Up Parents’ Drug Use

Deputies: Children Were Forced To Cover-Up Parents’ Drug Use

Newton County deputies say this is an usual case for them.

“For them to hide narcotics on the children, it happens, but we don’t hear about it that often,” says Chief Deputy Chris Jennings with the Newton County Sheriff’s Office.

According to deputies, a 13-year-old girl, who used to live with her parents, says her mom forced her to hide illegal prescription drugs in her bra just in case the mom was stopped by law enforcement. Deputies also say the girl claims her six-year-old brother was forced by the children’s parents to urinate in a bottle so their mom could pass drug tests.

Jennings says the girl told her grandmother what was happening, and showed her grandmother pictures she had taken, and the grandmother alerted DCFS.

“They did a house check, and at that time the mom gave voluntary custody to the grandparents,” says Jennings.

Deputies say they found inside the parent’s home rotten food, trash scattered throughout, and underwear in kitchen cabinets. Deputies also say they found mouse nests and feces, and dirty bedding. Deputies say there was hardly any food, and no refrigerator.

“Pretty bad,” says Jennings. “I mean, I’ve seen a lot worse, but this is near the top.”

Deputies have requested charges against the parents of endangering the welfare of a child and possession of drug paraphernalia, after deputies say they found illegal narcotics, two straws that had methamphetamine on them, and a marijuana grinder.

“We still went ahead and did an emergency order to remove the children from the home, even though they weren’t there at the time, to keep the parents from re-sending the voluntary custody,” says Jennings.

Jennings says the couple’s teenage daughter is a hero.

“She has obviously listened, whether it be in school or wherever, and she knew to report it. She knew that this was bad enough that she needed to report it,” says Jennings.

The Newton County Sheriff’s Office yesterday requested charges against the parents. However, the parents have not been arrested yet, because the county prosecutor has not yet filed official charges against the couple.