Dennis Thomas Spilios

May 15, 1931 - December 20, 2018
Dennis Thomas Spilios
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Dennis Thomas Spilios, 87 passed away December 20, 2018 in the Sunset Blvd. Kaiser Hospital. He was a beacon of light to everyone with whom he came in contact. Dennis Thomas Spilios was born May 15, 1931 and grew up in Los Angeles graduating from Marshal High School in the Los Angeles Unified School District.

Survivors include twin sons Dana Baxter Fadler Spilios of Burbank, California and Dean Forrest Fadler Spilios of San Diego. Norm Conradson, and his four children, Shari, Steve,Scott and Stacey.

We will have a Celebration of Life Ceremony in Palo Alto with his brother in law’s family. Norm Conradson, Dad’s sister Diane’s husband is 95 and living in Palo Alto. Their four children all have children of their own and loved Dad a lot. That ceremony will be April 6, 2019 at the Unitarian Church in Palo Alto at 11:00am.

Dad served our country in the Armed Service Branch of the Navy in the early 1950’s in the South Pacific. He later attended LACC, UCLA and CSULA finally becoming an Elementary School teacher in Burbank, CA. where he remained his entire career.

Dad enjoyed playing golf at Chevy Chase Country Club-where I learned how to play golf. We, as a family enjoyed spending many weekends at their Cabin in Wrightwood, California. They enjoyed inviting all of their friends and our friends to spend time there, where we were all very lucky to spend that time together. Jane’s Dad (Abe Baxter) and Dad spent a lot of time together repairing and building onto the Cabin in Wrightwood. When the weather was good Jane and Dennis enjoyed staying in the Mojave Desert at their condo in Silverlakes, California. We also spent several weekends in Laguna Beach, which was a lot of fun. Jane and Dennis loved going to the beach and took advantage of the Southern Californian topography. Mom and Dad also enjoyed going to the Lawrence Welk Resort in San Diego and Santa Barbara (where he and Jane were married on September 5, 1957.) Sometime after that I remember traveling to Palo Alto, and having glazed donuts for breakfast in an unfamiliar motel, while visiting Norm and Diane. (Norm, maybe you can remember some of the details when Jane and Dennis came to visit, early on in their marriage, so many years ago). Dad enjoyed watching college and professional basketball (particularly UCLA and the Lakers), Ram football games, golf, tennis and particularly Dodger baseball games. Everyone has their local favorites. I supposed some people might have enjoyed watching Stanford Football and the San Francisco Giants (beat up on the Dodgers) just a wild guess. Dad managed to watch every single Dodger game this last year (and most every year that came before that) and was very excited that the Dodgers made it to the World Series (even thought they lost to that other team! What’s their name.)

He loved and missed Jane more than his own life. Their dog Shadow faithfully kept him company for four years after Jane passed in 2013. He enjoyed swimming in their pool at home with Jane and in general loved living at their home in Glendale, CA., where they lived since 1963. Dad was a very kind, giving and loving human being. He loved to talk to everyone he met and made them feel as if they were the only person in the room while he talked to them. Everybody loved talking to Dad because he cared and he was such a good listener. He missed his sister (Diane) very much and is survived by his brother in law (Norm Conradson) that he loved very much too. Apparently, Dennis( at the age of 12) was required(by Diane’s mother) to chaperone his 16 year old sister and 20 year old Norm while Diane and Norm were out for a date. Dad always missed seeing Norm and Diane, his nephews and nieces Steve, Scott, Stacy and Shari. In the last months of his life, his mental and physical health prevented him from reaching out as much as he wanted to do so. He felt bad about missing Norm’s 95th birthday and wished he felt strong enough to travel. I think that the time during Jane’s last year on earth took a lot out of Dad and he just never fully recovered after that. Dad is terribly missed by all the members of his family. His home is empty and lonely without him there. We all loved Dad and miss him more than words can express. He lived a good and full life right up to the very end. He is now where he wanted to be, with his life long, loving companion Jane Baxter. They had a great life together and made a warm and loving home for my brother (Dean) and me. All of our friends enjoyed talking and being with them.

Dad was an educator in the Burbank Unified School District in Burbank California and he loved and enjoyed the children he taught. Years after they left his class he would be remembered by his students fondly. He taught many grades including 5th and 6th grades (which I believe he enjoyed the most). Toward the end of his career he worked as a coordinator helping the teachers in the classroom. I never had the pleasure to see Dad at work, but I know that he was definitely the right person to be helping the teachers because he cared, he was in their shoes early on in his career and he would take the time to find out what they wanted and what they needed. He was a great advocate for them and they knew it. Dad remained a School Educator in Burbank, California until he retired in 1991. His address and home since 1963 has been 310 Lawson Place, Glendale, CA.

His parents were Ann and Gust (Dan) Spilios. His mom, Lilius Ann Proshan (formerly known as Anna Rubinstein)(Annie Proshansky) (Annie Proshan) Spilios. Anne was born August 9, 1907 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. His Dad, Gust Spilios was born on November 30, 1904 in Patrie (Patras), Greece. Dennis Thomas Spilios was born in Los Angeles, CA. 15 May 1931. Dad had a sister Diane Renee Spilios, born in Los Angeles, October 25,1927. Lilius Ann Proshan was married in Los Angeles on April 17, 1930 to Gust Spilios. Ann and Gust Spilios lived at 4038 Marathon in Los Angeles since 1930 with their two children Diane and Dennis. Gust was Naturalized on April 1, 1927 in Los Angeles. Ann entered the US on November 4, 1923 at Noyes, Minnesota using the name Annie Proshansky. Gust entered the US through New York sometime before 1927, (most likely in 1921 at the age of 17.), changing his name at that time from Constantinos Spiliopoulos to Gust Spilios.

It has been five and a half years since his wife, Jane Baxter Spilios passed away. He missed her very much and after her death, he just didn’t feel like socializing much. Without Jane, life seemed to just stop. He was very comfortable and happy to live his remaining days at their home in Glendale. We had breakfasts, lunches and dinners there together after Jane’s passing. His favorite restaurant to get a bite to eat was the Salt Shaker on Central Ave. in Glendale. He and Mom ate there many, many times.

Dad wanted to be buried with his wife Jane Baxter Spilios in Pittsburg Kansas. He will be placed next to his wife Jane Baxter Spilios (1920-2013), Pearl Lewis Baxter and Abram Lester Baxter in the Baxter plot at Highland Park Cemetery in Pittsburg, Kansas. Donations may be made directly to the or Pittsburg State University Music Dept.(Dad loved to play the clarinet and loved the Big Band era along with his favorite-by far singer, Frank Sinatra). Donations may be left at or mailed to the Bath-Naylor Funeral Home.

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