Demonstrators take corners in Pittsburg on abortion laws

PITTSBURG, Kan. – Demonstrators met on the corners of 4th and Broadway Street to voice their opinions on the “Value Them Both” amendment. 

Today, the two groups separated on adjacent corners in hopes for peaceful demonstrations.  The SEK Freedom group first announced the pro-life demonstration on Facebook, which sparked interest from pro-choice demonstrators who showed up with signs about reproductive health.  

Chelsi Curtis organized the pro-choice counter protest in hopes to be the voice of reason for the other side.  “Don’t strictly go to the bible, even though the bible does have some things to say about abortion.” 

The religious argument on both sides is a common discussion in the overturning of Roe versus Wade.  “I would say really it’s not even necessarily a religious issue, it’s a human issue,” Father Jerome Spexarth said. “The fact of us supporting the idea of taking an innocent human life within the womb really goes beyond even religion.”

Both sides were able to peacefully protest as they planned.  Early voting on the “Value Them Both” amendment is already underway.  For more information on voting in Kansas, click here.