Dealing with social distancing stress

Social distancing can bring crisis to individuals in individual ways.

Social Distancing Illustration

JOPLIN, Mo. – The Ozark Center’s chief clinical officer says it has become increasingly important during this difficult time to maintain a healthy body and mind.  Health officials have recommended social distancing to minimize the chances of becoming ill.  But that social distancing can also bring crisis to individuals in individual ways.

During a media briefing today at Joplin’s city hall, health officials said there have been no new Covid-19 cases in Joplin.  There’s been a total of seven cases in Joplin, 16 in Jasper County, and 10 in Newton County.  But there are still unknowns, people are still closed-off at home, and people’s routines have been disrupted.  Health officials say it’s important, if you haven’t done this already, to make a routine.  Exercise is a perfect example.

“The reason I bring up exercise is research has shown pretty conclusively that a good, solid exercise program can result in the same, or similar, benefit for depression and anxiety that certain medications that are often taken for those conditions can be.  Establishing some type of routine, and just exploring a routine.  It’ll take a while to find one.  But once you do, stress levels tend to go down a bit,” says Del Camp, Ozark Center’s Chief Clinical Officer.

Joplin’s mayor says city staff has been working on a plan for reopening the city’s economy in stages.