Deadline Approaches to Sign Up For Christmas Goods Through the Salvation Army and Wesley House

Deadline Approaches to Sign Up For Christmas Goods Through the Salvation Army and Wesley House

Crawford County residents gather at the Wesley House to sign up for their Christmas food baskets and toys. The arrangements take a lot of preparation so it’s important to sign up before Friday. You can stop by the Pittsburg Salvation Army from 10AM to Noon and the Wesley House from 1 to 3:30PM.
“I know that they’re going to be busy so I’m basically here early because i know that if i don’t get in now, it’s going to be really hard to get in later” says Derrick Small, who is signing up for his basket today.
If the number of people signing up for holiday baskets continues at the same rate that it did last week, the Wesley House is looking to help 20 percent more people than they did last year.
“It’s Christmastime. Everybody should be able to have a Christmas. It shouldn’t be whether or not you have a job or whether or not you have enough money coming in the house” says Marcee Binder, the Wesley House Director.
She says 40 percent of the people who sign up for Christmas help are the working poor and holidays can be especially hard for them.
“It’s great that there’s food. There needs to be food. But the kiddos need to have presents too” she says.
So they partner up with the Salvation Army,
“For us, to be able to provide presents for the kids and food baskets for them to have a memorable holidays. It’s just really special, then nobody is left out. Everybody gets that magical Christmas” says the Lieutenant Officer Mylie Hadden.
“They’re like the extra hand that you’ve always wanted. They’re there to help you and just jump in and do what they can for you. It’s amazing, it really is amazing. I’m grateful for the Wesley House..i have always been grateful for them” says Small.

The food for this project costs around 26,000 dollars and is completely community contribution funded. If you would like to donate you an go to this link:

Or you can stop in the facility itself to see what it’s all about.

To donate toys, you can drop off donations to any of the Toys For Tots bins around town.