Dancing at a Distance: Joplin neighborhood hosts activity for residents

JOPLIN, Mo. – Social distancing is something new for everyone and it can be difficult, especially for kids.

In an effort to get out some of the wiggles, a neighborhood in Joplin thought it would be fun to throw a social distancing dance party.

The Cedar Ridge Subdivision put together an impromptu dance party on Saturday, March 28, to try to lift some spirits.

Standing at the edge of the driveway, a mother and her children showed off some moves.

It was Debbie Puryear’s idea to try and bring some happiness to her neighborhood.

“We have to kind of change our lives around. Doesn’t me we can’t adapt, and we can get through this. We just have to be strong. We just have to re-invent ourselves, and this will pass. We’re tough. We can get through it. We just have to think of things we can do to get through it,” said Puryear.

Puryear also delivered brownies to the neighborhood children to sweeten up the week.