D-Day Adventure Park Wargame Oklahoma – Aug 31-Sep 2

Signup, tickets, Pre-Orders and more: http://ddaypark.com/

A week long simulated paintball invasion at the world’s largest paintball field

66800 E 175 Rd. Wyandotte, OK 74370

Phone: (918) 666-3411

Email: ddayadventurepark@gmail.com

Seven Days to the River Rhine was a historical military simulation exercise created by the Warsaw Pact in 1979 as a plan to invade Europe through a seven day conventional and nuclear war. This event is meant to be an airsoft wargame, directly inspired by the Seven Day plan and the Cold-War in general. The event will feature a simulated invasion each side has to plan and prepare for every year. Each army has a command and unit structure, secret orders, troop locations, and other things to make the scenario a proper wargame. This game outcome is not scripted, the decisions you and the commanders around you make have direct influence on the outcome of the game.