Cuts in long-term unemployment benefits hit home

Cuts in long-term unemployment benefits will affect some in the four-states.
On December 28, 2013 David Paulsen has lost his emergency unemployment benefits.
“They say there are jobs out there, there’s not,” said Paulsen.
Paulsen says he’s been looking for employment for months. About 1.3 million Americans lost their long-term unemployment benefits. The federal government program was expanded in 2008 to provide extra months of eligibility to the long-term unemployed.
“Basically it was helping pay the bills, and putting food on the table,” Paulsen said.
According to Paulsen, he was recently laid off from a landscaping job, but has experience in a variety of trades.
“I’m a jack of all trades, plumbing, electrical I’ve done everything.”
Executive Director Jasen Jones of the Southwest Missouri workforce Investment Board says, the cut back may help the long-term unemployed.
“Folks will definitely feel the impact, but it might be the impedance for some individuals to get into the workforce rather quickly,” Jones said.
Jones believes his counselors could help those still seeking employment.
“We can give them some advice on the gaps that might be in their resume if they haven’t been in the workforce for a long time,” Jones said.
Paulsen admits to having a trouble past but says he just needs a second chance.
“I’m hoping somebody gives me the chance to show them I’m a hard worker,” Paulsen said.