Crowder College’s CAMP program gets major boost

Crowder Camp Alumni Hug The Program Director

NEOSHO, Mo. – Fanny Perez and Sulma Perez aren’t related, but they’re both participants of the Crowder College CAMP program who will be returning to act as mentors to new members.

And thanks to CAMP which is short for “College Assistance Migrant Program,” their educations are taking off.

“I plan to transfer to MSSU and hopefully one day become a professor,” said Fanny.

“Well, I’m going to transfer to PSU soon to get my bachelor’s in nursing and hopefully one day become a doctor,” said Sulma.

Director of the CAMP program Lisa O’Hanahan is celebrating because the program was recently notified that it would receive $2,375,000 in federal funding, allowing it to operate for the next five years.

The program provides first year Crowder College scholarships to 40 students from migrant and seasonal farmworker backgrounds and eliminates a lot of financial roadblocks in the way of their educations.

“They may be the first person, they may be the first generation of individuals for their family to come to college, but we often then see another sibling and then a couple years later we might see a cousin, and so it really does change the opportunity for the family,” said O’Hanahan.

Camp scholarships do more than just cover tuition, books, room, and board. They also provide participants with academic guidance, leadership opportunities, and more.

“I met new friends and those friends became family for me,” said Fanny.

“It helped me form friendships that I never thought I could ever form,” said Sulma.

Crowder College’s CAMP program currently has scholarships available. If you’d like to learn more and apply, click here.