Crowder College plans to allow medical marijuana on campus, guidelines being discussed

Students weigh in

We asked students at Crowder College if they believed that the use of medical marijuana should be allowed on college campuses.

“I firmly believe they should be allowed on campus because it’s basically the equivalent of seizure medication or anxiety medication whatever you happened to be using it for its medication just taken a different way in my opinion” said Sarah Swayne, Crowder Alumni and current Crowder Library Assistant.

However, others disagreed.

“I think that they should have it on their own time, not specifically on campus, because that could get in the hands of other people that don’t have medical marijuana cards, and they could just say they have them and people would probably believe it” said freshman, Lakin House.

The school itself will follow all federal guidelines and is looking at all variables in the matter.

“This would have an impact different from a K-12 situation, obviously for us we have a lot of housing, both apartment style and dorm style, so we would need to look at that comparison, so we would have students on campus and students as residence on campus” said Crowder College, President, Glenn Coltharp.

President Coltharp says they are planning on allowing the use of medical marijuana on campus.

But it would come with strict guidelines.

“That card is only specific to that individual, so we’ll have to spell out those situations of how it relates to that individual student and then also in a group situation” added Coltharp.

For example, he says if students were approached while smoking, and only one person in that group has a medical marijuana card, then that card would not be applied to the other students and there would be consequences for the sharing of and use of it.

They will also be looking at whether they will allow it inside buildings/dorms etc. or strictly outside.

He also adds that the decision to allow it on campus ultimately comes back to how it impacts the card holder. But the rewritten policies will affect everyone.

“As a higher education organization, that same thing would apply to employees with it, so our faculty, staff and students would all be in the same situation of are you able to function in that condition” added Coltharp.

Currently, Crowder College has a strict no drug or alcohol policy.

President Coltharp says they will be soon handing over the revised policies to the board for approval.


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