Crowder College campuses across the area reopen

Some faculty still working from home.
Crowder College

NEOSHO, Mo. – From seeing students and other employees,  to hearing the bell tower every day, Crowder College bookstore director Colleen Holland has missed a lot about being on campus.

“Going from people coming in to buy a soda and buy books and shop, to working at home on your couch or sitting at the kitchen table to do work. It’s been a big change,” says Holland.

So she’s glad to be off the couch and back behind a counter.

“It’s been nice to be around and see everybody and kind of feel like you have a workplace again,” says Holland.

On Monday (May 11th), Crowder reopened campuses after being closed since March 23rd.

“When the state allowed workers to go back, then it’s like, okay, what can we do,” says Public Information Director Cindy Brown.

As students already know, the spring semester is over and summer classes will be taught online. So the main things happening on campus are enrollment, paying fees for summer classes, and books being returned to the bookstore.

“For example, book buyback is really big this time of year. So, students are finishing up their spring semester, they want to be able to get their books back to us, but you know it costs to ship them,” says Brown.

So there is quite a bit happening on campus, but not quite as much as one might think since there are some members of staff that are still working from home.

“So, someone might work a Monday Thursday and someone else in that office would work a Tuesday Friday in the office,” says Brown. “Just trying to get back to a little more of the normal home atmosphere, but with social distancing, making sure that we take all the precautions we can.”

While things may not be back to normal just yet, Holland still likes the idea of taking the initial step.

“We’re glad to be back, we welcome everybody, keeping the social distancing in mind. And we would love to have everybody come see us,” says Holland.

All of Crowder’s campuses in the area are open.

Summer classes start on June 1st. Online fees for those classes are being waived.