Crouch prepares to make professional boxing debut

Theran Crouch is making the switch from MMA to boxing - after two years away.

CARL JUNCTION, Mo. – Theran Crouch is about to fight for the first time in two years.

“I missed it more than I can explain,” Crouch says, “It’s a primal feeling. Every guy wants to be tough. Beating someone up in front of your friends…it doesn’t get much better than that.”

“I’m really pumped,” says his trainer, Ryan Mosburg, “We’ve been talking about this day since I met him four years ago.”

Crouch will make his professional boxing debut in September at Buffalo Run Casino.

His opponent…

“He’s not lucky,” Crouch says with a laugh, “Real unlucky…that’s all I can tell you.”

He’s making the transition to boxing after beginning his fighting career in MMA.

“He hasn’t skipped a beat,” Mosburg says, “He’s just one of those…freak athletes.”

“I’m actually a lot more comfortable boxing,” Crouch says, “I enjoy the aspect of the ground game in MMA, but boxing is my first true love. My grandpa was a professional boxer, so it’s just in my blood.”

“Usually he was a striker in MMA. Everybody wants to take the striker down,” Mosburg adds, “We don’t have to worry about that now. Now we can really let his hands fly.”

The decision for Crouch to move from MMA to boxing was also made in part due to health reasons.

“A little over two years ago, I took a fight on about 16 days notice. I weighed a lot. I had to get down to about 145 pounds. Throughout that time period I had a little kidney failure and some mental health issues that landed me in the hospital for a while. That’s why I made the transition,” Crouch says, “It’s a lot less weight-cutting. I decided for the sake of my health and everything of that nature, that I needed to make the transition.”

While his goal is obviously to win Crouch also wants his return to fighting to be a lesson for young athletes.

“Life is tough, but you can always bounce back,” Crouch finishes, “I get the opportunity to work with tons and tons of athletes. I want them to know that if I’m willing to step out and do it, then they need to be willing to step out and do it, put in the work and just take that risk.”

Crouch is a Webb City High School product, and also played baseball at Crowder College.

His professional boxing debut will be on September 11th at Buffalo Run Casino.