Crosslines in need of donations, volunteers due to sharp increase in need for food assistance

Crosslines Ministries in Joplin says they're seeing 5-10X more clients than before COVID-19.
Crosslines Ministries Joplin

Crosslines Ministries in Joplin had a line stretching to 4th street Wednesday afternoon.

“Any given day we’re seeing five to ten times the normal number of people we had before,” says Crosslines Executive Director Rodney Rambo. 

Because of COVID-19, Crosslines has seen a sharp increase of people in the community in need of food assistance.

“I would say 50 percent of the people who come to Crosslines right now have never been here before,” Rambo adds, “They’ve just recently been laid off or lost income. Right now we’re having to purchase more food than ever just to try to keep up.”

That rise in demand has led to a major increase in need for donations. 

“We don’t have any big pockets or any huge donors,” Rambo says, “We depend on individuals, local churches and business partners just to get by each month. The need financially is greater than ever.”

In addition to donations, Crosslines needs volunteers to help distribute the food. They regularly rely on older volunteers, but because they are at higher risk for COVID-19, they’re asking younger volunteers to step up.

“What we need are strong backs,” adds Rambo, “If you have a strong back and you can run these groceries out to people’s cars, man we’ll supply you with the mask and gloves.”

COVID-19 has put a strain on Crosslines, but they know there is a big need for what they do, and they don’t plan on going anywhere.

“It’s critical for the good of our community that we stay open and we keep finding a way to keep pressing on through this,” Rambo says, “We’ll fight to the very end to be able to do that.”

If you’re in need of food assistance, or you would like to volunteer to help Crosslines, visit their website