Creamy Hills Dairy Farm experiencing shortage of jars and lids due to COVID-19

Creamy Hills Dairy is looking into alternate canning options until they can get a shipment in.
Creamy Hills Dairy

NEOSHO, Mo. – Last week the Creamy Hills Dairy Farm in Neosho tried to put in an order to their local supplier to restock their ‘Ball’ brand mason jars used to contain their milk products. But they found that they were unable to.

“They were backed out for an extended period. They’re not sure when they can get them in, so that led us to search all over the country basically to find jars and then we recognized it was a nationwide problem” said Madelaine Giebler with Creamy Hills Dairy.

The shortage was not something they saw coming.

“The first sign of a jar shortage was the sourcing of the lids and rings that we use and so we knew that people were canning a lot more this year and manufacturing facilities were a little behind, but we weren’t fully aware of a glass shortage and the fact we wouldn’t be able to get them in. We thought we’d have to wait a little longer, but we didn’t expect to not get a shipment in” added Giebler.

The farm typically likes to have 20 to 30 cases of jars on reserve but within the next couple weeks they’re looking at needing 500 more jars. So they’re asking their customers for help.

“Whenever we realized there was a jar shortage I did put out a post to our customers just encouraging them that if they had extra jars that they weren’t using in the milk rotation to bring them back to us, and we’ll return their refunds. the deposits that they put down for those” said Giebler.

According to food preservation expert Susan Mills-Gray with Missouri University Extension, one of the causes of this is due to more people doing their own canning at home because of more free time due to COVID-19.

“it’s also pressure canners, boiling water bath canners, it’s also steam canners.”

And it’s something that could affect many for a while.

“Extension centers across the state have received those questions probably multiple times a week, do you have any idea where I can find those, because even internet sales if you can find a particular product it’s going to be priced so exorbitantly high” added Mills-Gray.

Creamy Hills Dairy is looking into alternate canning options until they can get a shipment in.

“We were told they expect production to resume after the first of the year and the first shipment should hit the stores by early march” said Giebler.