Crawford County teens line up for vaccines

Crawford County Teens Wait For Their Covid Vaccine


PITTSBURG, Ks. – Emma McCormack is one of many teens who spent part of her Thursday at the Crawford County Health Department getting her second shot of COVID-19 vaccine. She knows she can’t have a normal summer without one.

“I’m probably going to go see family more than I’ve been able to since I didn’t want to risk getting them COVID or anything. I’m going to go places and see my friends, that kind of stuff,” said Emma.

The Pfiezer Coronavirus vaccine is now available to kids as young as 12, and the Crawford County Health Department is hoping younger county residents will follow the example set by the roughly ninety 16 and 17-year-olds who signed up for Thursday’s vaccination clinic.

The health department also hopes clinics like this will educate those who wrongly believe that the young and healthy don’t need a COVID-19 vaccine.

“Kids do have a robust immune system. But as social as they are, things do spread very rapidly, and so this protects them, it protects their social life, it gives them freedom,” said Crawford County Health Department consultant Janis Goedeke.

Since the vaccine is key to summer fun, the Crawford County Health Department wanted to make getting a shot as fun as they could. That’s why music, cotton candy, and even goody bags were part of the clinic.

“It’s not bribery or anything. It’s just a way of celebration, relieving some stress, and having some fun with the kids,” said Goedeke.

The Crawford County Health Department also says they’re already planning a COVID-19 vaccination clinic for 12 to 15-year-olds, and it could happen as soon as next week.