Crawford County Seniors Get Free Boxes of Food

Crawford County Seniors Get Free Boxes of Food

Wesley house partners with the Kansas food bank to bring boxes of food to senior citizens in need in Crawford county.
Diane street of Frontenac is on oxygen and can’t work. She joins other seniors coming to Wesley House to get some free food through the commodity supplemental food program.. Because her budget is tight. Diane says, “You can only budget so much for food and if the price goes up for something you do with less.”

So the Kansas Food Bank and Wesley House are beginning to distribute one hundred eighty-four boxes each month to low income seniors who qualify.

Pittsburg Housing and Community Development Director Becky Gray says, “In our county seventeen percent of the population is food insecure primarily that population is the elderly and disabled population. So this is gonna make a huge difference in stretching limited budgets so people have access to nutritious quality food.”

Diane says, “There’s cheese and the juices. Those are high priced items in the store and to be able to have that extra is nice.”

Diana Glenn, another food recipient says, : “Two weeks through the month its hard. You just run out of food and if it wasn’t for my daughter bringing me food, I wouldn’t make it. This is awesome! Wonderful!”

Wesley house won’t be the only distribution point. It’s working with volunteers to get boxes dropped at the public library in Girard, at the senior center in Cherokee and at two housing complexes in Arma because transportation is an issue for seniors.

Debi Kreutzman with the Kansas Food Bank says, “We found that about seventy-two percent of our clients have to choose. Do I pay my electric bill or do I put food on the table? .Do I pay for medicine or transportation or do I put food on the table?”

Food bank officials say even with the supplement, seniors can still get food from the Wesley house pantry and even regular commodities from salvation army.

Diane says, “I am very thankful. God has placed this here for a reason. And there are lot of friends, I live in Frontenac housing authority, and I’ve heard of others there. I’ve told them about it and they’re coming.”

There are still more than sixty slots left for those who qualify. Interested seniors should contact Wesley House to register.