Crawford County officials announce two positive COVID-19 cases, present next steps to county commission

GIRARD, Kan. – Crawford County Officials announced they’ve two confirmed COVID-19 cases today. The county commissioners met today to learn about the cases and what steps they should take next.

Crawford County Health Department Director Rebecca Adamson informed the county commission Wednesday there are two confirmed cases of Coronavirus in the county. “One is a male under the age of five and another is a female under the age of sixty.”

Adamson says that’s all they can say now, but she spent the afternoon discussing with the commission what to do next for the public and for businesses. “There’s a lot of information already out there for businesses on the KDHE website, they have a toolkit, so there’s a lot of things small businesses can start doing and probably already have after the governor has issued her orders of limiting crowds and some direction for restaurants and other businesses.”

She believes clear direction at the county level should help people get more direct information. “Anytime you can make something more consistent it’s going to be better, so people I do think are wanting that guidance and consistency so hopefully we can come up with a plan that will do that for them.”

The commission says they’re not eager, but ready, to make changes. County Commissioner Bruce Blair says “We’ve been talking about it here for the last several weeks, made some changes at the courthouse and allowing public access, so really now we’re looking at what’s the next stage in this.”

Adamson says the public needs to be ready for change, regardless of what’s announced. “They could pick a plan and then we may have to change it in a few days, there’s just no way to know how many cases we’re going to get, how soon, where those are going to be located, how many people would be at risk, so it’s going to be important that everyone is patient and understands that the county is working to mitigate as quickly as possible.”

Commissioners are holding a meeting tomorrow (3-24) morning at 9:00 to determine what kind of restrictions they’ll have to put in place on the local level. Kansas Governor Laura Kelly is expected to issue an executive order tomorrow limiting mass gatherings to 10 people.