Crawford County Mental Health offers mental health advice during pandemic

mental health worker plays with therapy dog

The current Coronavirus pandemic is creating a stressful situation for people across the country, and it can be even tougher on those who already have issues with stress, anxiety, or mental illness.

The experts with Crawford County Mental Health are offering tips to relieve stress to their clients, but they can be useful to anyone in need of some stress relief.

One tip is to keep in contact with the people you trust, while continuing to practice social distancing.

“(We recommend) five contacts per day. And that doesn’t have to mean face to face. It could be by telephone or some type of app on our devices where we can see people,” said Amy Glines, clinical director of Crawford County Mental Health.

Other tips include spending more time with household pets, finding an exercise routine that you can do in your home, getting enough sleep, embracing puzzles, games, or a project you’ve been putting off, and even taking a break from COVID-19 news coverage.

Crawford County Mental Health posts their latest advice and tips for coping with pandemic stress on their Facebook page, and you can find a link to that right here.