Crawford County Mental Health Center reopens Addiction Treatment Center

PITTSBURG, Kan. – The Addiction Treatment Center at Crawford County Mental Health Center re-opens its doors after being closed for nearly a month.

Officials are taking it slow, keeping client admissions local for now.

As time goes on, more clients will be taken on from other areas until the center reaches maximum occupancy.

While telehealth services have been available, officials say it’s good to be able to offer counseling in person again.

“When you move from face-to-face, which is what our whole service design is about, to virtual, it’s a transition and then it’s also a transition back, and it’s not as though we’re going to abandon the telehealth option, but realize that face-to-face, that’s how we’re hardwired,” said Michael Ehling with the Crawford County Mental Health Center.

The facility is also following other guidelines laid out by the CDC to help keep everyone as safe as possible.

Those measures include:
• Client admissions will begin locally and extend geographically at a gradual pace until maximum occupancy is complete
• Pre-screening 24-48 hours prior to appointment
• Screening before entering building including temperature check and questionnaires
• Clients and staff will observe daily temperature checks
• Clients and staff will wear masks when possible
• Clients will be limited to one per bedroom suite
• Social distancing and frequent hand washing will be observed
• Transportation and off-site travel will only be allowed for appointments deemed medically necessary
• No visitors or outside groups will take place at this time
• Kitchen, common areas, and bathrooms will be disinfected after each use and multiple scheduled times daily
• Cafeteria, food prep, and kitchen protocols will follow safety recommendations from the CDC
• The Addiction Treatment Center is a tobacco free facility
These safety control measures are in accordance with CDC, KDHE, and Crawford County Health Department recommendations and will adjust accordingly.

Referrals, appointments, and questions should be directed to the Addiction Treatment Center /CASH/studentbanking/bankinfo.