Crawford County Commission approves nearly $160,000 to upgrade dispatch center

The Crawford County Commission has approved nearly $160,000 for an upgrade to the county’s current 911 dispatch system.

The center will get improved software, hardware and a new recording system.

Crawford County officials say this will impact how they dispatch by making it easier to track down calls made from a cell phone.

“If you receive a 911 call from someone at the scene of an accident, triangulating that signal can be difficult,” Crawford County Sheriff Dan Peak said. “A lot of times, just finding that signal, where it’s coming from is increasingly difficult too. It’s an extra step for our dispatchers to have to look up those coordinates and then it’s a matter of making sure we get our units to the right place.”

Officials say once the vendors order the new equipment, installation dates can be set.

All employees must also go through proper training before the new equipment can be used.