Crawford County aims to get students vaccinated in time for school

PITTSBURG, Kan.–With the first day of school approaching, the Crawford County Health Department is helping students check items off of their school supply list.

One of those things includes getting vaccinated in time for the upcoming school year, which is more important than ever.

“The one thing we have to fight this virus is the vaccine. locally our numbers have gone up recently, and that’s concerning to us,” said Teddi Van Kam, director of the Crawford County Health Department.

If students got their first dose at Friday’s clinic and got their second three weeks later, they would be fully or almost fully immunized by the time school starts.

For students like Ashleigh Henderson, it means she has a shot at a somewhat normal school year.

“I am involved with a lot of activities and stuff and so having a vaccination makes it easier for me to be involved in that without risk of being quarantined, so it’s nicer,” Henderson said.

And for Caroline Sharbutt, who is about to start high school, she’s happy to know she’ll be safe while beginning such a big milestone.

“It’ll just be a more normal school year, no more huge precautions, or like huge stuff, we have to do. so, really looking forward to it,” said Sharbutt.

Her dad Thomas Sharbutt says a local increase in cases is what drove him to take her to the clinic.

“The local hospitals getting more and more patients with Covid that was kind of a wake up to, let’s get them vaccinated, cause I have already been vaccinated and my wife has been vaccinated and so we felt like it’d be the best time to get the kids vaccinated,” he said.

With more kids in the county getting vaccinated, the health department says it will not only help kids have a safe school year but can help out the county that’s been seeing a surge in cases overall.