Crafting for a Cause in Pittsburg

a kid crafts for a cause in Pittsburg

Creating Legacies Inc. in Pittsburg was Crafting for a Cause on Sunday.

Participants had a blast while making some tissue paper canvas art. The event was free to the public but since Creating Legacies Inc. is a charity, they were asking for non perishable donations for their food pantry.

Creating Legacies Inc. aims to help help as many individuals in need in any way they can.

“It gives us an opportunity to meet with people around our community and have a fun time, and the kids really like it and it also helps to support our food pantry,” said Tiffany Krause with Creating Legacies Inc.

Crafting for a Cause is a monthly event. If you’d like to learn more about it or Crafting Legacies Inc., click here to check out their Facebook page.