CoxHealth working to add to its workforce by adding students

LAMAR, Mo. – CoxHealth is beefing up its workforce by opening positions for college and high school students.

Lamar Senior Jillian Humes is a student in the health occupations class at the Lamar Career and Technical Center. She’s got big plans for her future. “I plan to either pursue trauma, like in an ER, or orthopedics.”

Now, a new program from CoxHealth, could help her reach her dream. CoxHealth Vice President of Human Resources Andy Hedgepeth says “This is an incredible opportunity for a student to apply their learning, not just what they’re learning in a classroom but to see it first hand and to do it firsthand.”

CoxHealth is supplementing it’s workforce with college and high school students who are interested in a career in healthcare by allowing them to apply for various support positions in the hospitals, including, Cox Barton County Hospital. Hedgepeth says “This role gives perspective students, or individuals who want to go into healthcare for a career, kind of a jump start, if you will, to what that career can look like, it gives them some extra experience in a clinical setting.”

They need the help due to rising COVID cases in Southwest Missouri. For Humes, the pandemic doesn’t scare her, it encourages her. “I definitely think it would give that more ‘in your face’ type of experience, only because, a pandemic is not something that we go through all the time, obviously, and I think it just shows what healthcare really is.”

Safety is a top priority for the students, and they’ll be required to go through the same orientation and safety training as any other employee. Humes is looking forward to the opportunity to serve her community now, and grow her future. “When someone’s in need, they’re really in need, and it takes a very special person to work in trauma, and I hope that I can fill the shoes of someone who works in trauma now.”

If you’re interested in joining CoxHealth – we’ve got some information below.

College students can text “student” to 417-269-5627 or apply to these new temporary roles here:

High school students can text “unit” to 417-269-5627 or apply here:

Existing RNs who want flexible hours and to support during the surge can apply for our Support RN role by texting “support” to 417-269-5627 or clicking here: Support RN – All Locations in Springfield, MO – CoxHealth (