CoxHealth announces plans to build new hospital

$42 million hospital coming to Monett

Jacob Murphy grew up with this hospital, and now he works here, providing care to patients he considers neighbors and friends.

“I’ve always kind of liked helping people out and being able to do it in my hometown. See people I know, and be able to say ‘hi,’ and being able to help them is a big part of my life now, and I enjoy it,” said Murphy, a radiology technician for Cox Monett Hospital.

Murphy calls the plans for a new hospital bittersweet, but looks forward to the future.

“This place has been here forever and it’ll be kinda sad to leave it because we’ve all gotten comfortable here, but having new equipment, new facility, better access, it’ll help the community a lot and I think it’s gonna bring a lot of people here,” said Murphy.

Officials say they’ve been wanting a new hospital for the past 25 years, something all one level with larger patient rooms.

“There’s a lot of inefficiencies in this hospital, and so we just want to be able to streamline the services that we have and make things easier instead of harder for our patients and employees,” explained Janell Patton, Community Relations Manager for CoxHealth.

Cox Monett hospital will be a 70,000 square-foot facility.

“Building a new hospital in Monett means everything to this community. It means that they’re gonna have all the, you know, latest and greatest,” said Patton.

It means a lot to Murphy, too, knowing the hospital will be in a central location on Highway 60, providing greater access.

“A lot of people are worried about not being able to get to a hospital, or that it’s too far, and by being right off the highway, it’ll make it much easier,” said Murphy.

Officials expect to break ground in March and anticipate construction being completed in just two years.

“It’s been a long time coming and I think everybody I’ve talked to is excited about getting a new hospital,” Murphy said.

The new hospital will offer an enhanced emergency department, multiple operating rooms, and an attached building housing physician clinics, 40 exam rooms and a cardiac rehab facility.