Cowboy Football Report, Aug. 20, 2014

Press Release OSU:

The Oklahoma State football team practiced at the Sherman E. Smith Training Facility Wednesday afternoon. Cowboy defensive line coach Joe Bob Clements talked about practice and the OSU defensive line. His comments:

Defensive Line Coach Joe Bob Clements

On Wednesday’s practice:
“You know, I think we’re getting closer and closer. There’s still some things we’ve got to get through and get better at before I’d say we’re ready to play the game next Saturday, but I thought the guys came out with enthusiasm and they worked hard today, but there were still too many mistakes.”

On practicing in the heat of the day:
“It makes a difference. For the most part we had a cool training camp. It just didn’t get very hot. Right now, this is probably the hottest period of the summer down here in Oklahoma. It makes a difference, but it’s good for the guys to get acclimated to it. In the long haul, as they get used to it, it’s going to pay dividends throughout the season.”

On if the defensive line is where they need to be:
“I don’t know if I’ll ever feel that way. I’m pleased with the way they’re working. I’m pleased with the way my depth is developing, but as far as feeling at ease with who we’re getting to match up with, I don’t know if I’ll ever feel that good about it. We’ll play hard and we’ll be as ready as we can possibly be.”

On if he has a rotation ready:
“I’m still working through that right now. I think my depth is starting to solidify itself as far as who the starters are. I’m really pleased with some of the guys that are labeled as twos that are really starting to push the ones, which is just going to increase their playing time. I’m starting to develop a fifth guy inside that I think can help us out.”