COVID-19 survivor celebrated upon return home

JOPLIN, Mo. –After being on life support for months, surviving a stroke, and relying on a feeding tube, Jenn Parks is ready to start living life again.

The Joplin resident contracted Covid-19 in November and suffered severe symptoms.

“She was on a ventilator for three months and she was in the…intensive care for I think…since November she was in intensive care. They didn’t think she’d make it,” said Jackie Meneses, with God’s Resort.

The fact that she survived a case of Covid-19 this severe, is nothing short of a miracle.

“She didn’t know if she was gonna walk, she didn’t know what was gonna happen…we’re all amazed, you know not that when you pray things don’t happen. but it was just such a miracle that she was able to do as well as she’s done,” Meneses said. 

Now, she’s back home for the first time since November. To commemorate this day, friends, family, and staff from God’s Resort surprised the survivor at her home with signs and prayers.

“It’s wonderful, I couldn’t have done it without, each one of these people sent me cards, and I knew that they cared…without people praying for me, and without them, I wouldn’t be where I’m at today,” Parks said. 

She said her loved ones were told she had a low chance of surviving at all.

“It was rough, they didn’t think I was gonna, the doctors told em’ I wasn’t gonna live, to give up on me, but my mom didn’t give up, and my church family wouldn’t give up.”

After leaving the ICU, Parks was sent to a nursing home to begin her journey to recovery.

“It was a point in my life which I didn’t think I’d ever walk out of the nursing home. I didn’t think I’d ever be able to walk.”

Now, she’s working toward her goal of being able to fully walk using a walker, and eventually, to get back to normal life

“To drive, cause my driver’s license on 11/11/2020 expired and I was supposed to get a new driver’s license..ultimately I wanna go back to work…I don’t wanna be on disability I wanna work,” Parks said.