COVID-19 cases on the rise in Joplin, Joplin Mayor says council could consider a mask mandate

Mayor Stanley says they would, however, like to make that decision as a region.
Mask Mandate Question

JOPLIN, Mo. – COVID-19 cases continue to rise in Joplin, as the community continues to live their lives.

“As far as a possible cause on the increase, I’ve looked at the numbers, there’s really not one specific thing you can point to. There are little clusters here, little clusters there, we are seeing there is not a one type of thing, event. The cases have been on the climbs for a couple of weeks now” said Joplin Health Department’s, Ryan Talken.

For Joplin resident Jack Corder, he says he sees a majority of people not wearing masks around town.

“Well I see people wearing masks but I see the majority not really, and that’s how it’s been ever since they had this thing. You see some people wearing masks and I got the mask sometimes where I see it say you got to have a mask to go in and sometimes I forget to do that.”

But for Grant Testerman he has seen the opposite.

“I do see a lot of people wearing masks there are few of course that don’t want to wear them but most of the time people do especially in supermarkets, bars, restaurants, it’s good to see that.”

We decided to take a look for ourselves inside the Joplin Public Library and Home Depot, where we found that nearly 70 percent of people in Home Depot, at the time, were wearing masks and more than 70 percent of those in the library.

The increase in cases poses the question of whether the City will impose another mask mandate.

“With the recent increases, could the city take up a mask mandate? The answer to that is yes. City Council has been pretty clear to where we are right now, we’ve shown our willingness and our ability to have that conversation and enter into an ordinance” said Mayor, Ryan Stanley.

Mayor Stanley says they would, however, like to make that decision as a region.

“Let’s just have the conversation and then we can all act independently from there. I certainly don’t want to feel beholden to a group if I don’t like the outcome of that, but I think the first step is just engage in the conversation. This is the situation, where are we today, and how do we want to move forward or how could we move forward.”

You can find a link to the Joplin COVID-19 Dashboard here.