COVID-19 cases at Grove Nursing Center down to five

All employees have recovered. Five residents still have the virus.

GROVE, Okla. – Almost all of the COVID-19 cases at the Grove Nursing Center have recovered.

The outbreak at the center started in early April, leading to 78 people — 50 residents and 28 employees — being confirmed, and 16 deaths.

On May 7th, the National Guard was brought in to sanitize the entire facility.

Now, administrator Eisen Shelton says there’s only five residents in the facility who are still fighting the virus.

“We’ll continue to test those people until we get the double negatives that we need to be able to officially report them as recovered. So I mean, it is a weight that’s lifted, but at the same time, you’re still not out of it yet,” says Shelton.

Shelton also tells us they are doing a lot to make sure the virus doesn’t start spreading again since not everyone at the facility had it.

“Just the PPE, constantly sanitizing our hands, constantly sanitizing surfaces, sanitizing our clothes. I mean, everybody’s still isolated to their rooms. We take meals to em, we bring activities down the hall to em. We’re doing what we can do to make it all work,” says Shelton.

Shelton says that everyone at the center appreciates all of the support that they have received from the community. He also credits his staff with being able to get to this point.

“They did what they had to do here so it wasn’t worse out in the community. And, I mean, I have to believe, have to believe that’s part of because of what they do in here,” says Shelton. “I cannot say enough positive things about my staff. They have been so amazing through this whole process.”

The center continues to do testing on the residents who still have the virus. They aren’t listed as having recovered until they have two tests that have negative results.


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