Court document shows multiple victims related to Pittsburg murder case

PITTSBURG, Kan. – Court documents point to more victims related to a Pittsburg murder case at multiple locations on the same block.

Initial Release on the Murder

A day after the crime, the Pittsburg Police Department sent out a media release detailing a May 13th, 2022, homicide. It happened on the 100 block of West 23rd Street.

There were numerous calls to 911 around 10:45 pm reporting multiple gunshots in that area. Officers got to the area and found two female victims, according to the media release. 40-year-old Stephanie Marie Short, of Pittsburg, died at the scene. EMS took 46-year-old Velma Marie Cubie to the local hospital where she was in stable condition.

“Initial investigation into this incident led to the identification of a suspect, 39-year-old James Cornell Hamilton, of Pittsburg,” according to the PPD release. Police arrested him for murder and attempted murder.

On May 17, 2022, a Crawford County attorney filed 8 charges against James Hamilton. He made his court appearance at which point the judge ordered him to be held without bond.

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Court Document lays out Charges

The Criminal Complaint filed lists the charges, giving additional details related to each charge. The document generally doesn’t lay out an order of events or motivation for the alleged crimes. However, it shows multiple victims and the last three charges reflect 3 different locations on the 100 block of W 23rd.

Count 1: Murder in the 1st degree; In the commission of a felony

  • The murder charge is in regards to the fatal shooting of Stephanie Short.

Count 2: Attempted murder in the 1st degree; Intentional and premeditated

  • The court document states that on May 13, Hamilton shot a handgun against Michelle Whitter ” toward the perpetration of the crime of Murder in the First Degree” but failed to execute the crime. This is the reason for an attempted murder charge. There was not a location stated in this charge in the Criminal Complaint.

Count 3: Aggravated battery; Recklessly cause great bodily harm/disfigurement

  • Prosecutors filed an aggravated battery charge against Hamilton for allegedly shooting and injuring Velma Cubie.

Count 4: Aggravated assault; Use of a deadly weapon

  • On the 13th, authorities allege that Hamilton unlawfully put Dominik Samuel Short in immediate bodily harm with a deadly weapon (handgun).

Count 5: Aggravated assault; Use of a deadly weapon

  • Authorities say Hamilton unlawfully put Travis Cordell Westbrook in immediate bodily harm with a deadly weapon (handgun).

Count 6: Criminal discharge of firearm; Recklessly at occupied dwelling

  • On the 13th, police accuse Hamilton of “unlawfully, feloniously, recklessly and without authorization” firing a gun at an occupied dwelling at 105 W. 23rd Street. The document states the home belongs to Michelle Whitter and he fired a gun whether he “knew or had reason to know that there was a human being present.”

Count 7: Criminal discharge of firearm; Recklessly at occupied dwelling

  • The court filed this charge against Hamilton which is similar to Count 6. Only this one is for firing a gun at an occupied home at 109 W. 23rd Street. This home belonged to Stephanie Short.

Count 8: Criminal discharge of firearm; Recklessly at occupied dwelling

  • Similar to counts 7 and 8, Hamilton allegedly fired at an occupied home. This charge is related to him firing a gun at 113 W. 23rd Street, a home belonging to Steven McArthur Taylor Jr.

Next Court Date

Hamilton’s next scheduled court hearing is on June 8 via zoom.

State of Kansas v James Cornell Hamilton, Criminal Complaint Document