County commissioners say no to Galena landfill

County commissioners say no to Galena landfill

(7/28/2015) Yesterday, The Board of County Commissioners of the County of Cherokee, KS (BOCC) sent a letter to Mayor Dale Oglesby. The letter is regarding the application for the landfill permit. Click here to view the letter.

(7/22/2015) The City of Galena is still pursuing a landfill for the city, but commissioners are holding up the process according to the mayor. The proposed landfill would be located near Riverton, but many residents have voiced opposition. In April, the city decided to start over on the process on obtaining a landfill.

The city presented the application for County Commissioners and according to Mayor Dale Olesby, the commissioners have yet to sign off on the application.

The city hired an attorney to send a letter to commissions telling them to act on the landfill application or face possible legal action.

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(4/6/2015) A controversial landfill proposal re-emerges in Galena, KS.

The city of galena is submitting an application for a solid waste landfill permit, for a waste management project in Cherokee County.

It’s a project that county commissioners thought was dead.

Monday morning, the Cherokee County Commission went into closed session with the county attorney after the Galena city mayor informed commission members of Galena’s intention to seek permits for a landfill project in the county.

A project commissioner Richard Hilderbrand believed the city had dropped after facing opposition.

“Doesn’t change anything other than our legal counsel now has to review it,” Cherokee County Commissioner Richard Hilderband said,

The city submits it’s plan to the Kansas Department of Health and Environment, Tuesday.

Monday, Mayor Dale Oglesby sought information on two permit questions which the county must sign off on.

“Whether or not it was consistent with the solid waste management plan that was on file with the state,” Oglesby said. “And if it was consistent with the land use, or zoning, in the area.”

Oglesby has yet to receive an answer on either question.

Hilderbrand, who’s publicly stated opposition to the project, claims Galena thus far hasn’t gone through proper procedures for allowing the waste landfill in the county.

“Same process since 1994,” Hilderbrand said. “We’ve got a solid waste management committee. Anything regarding solid waste management goes through that committee first.”

Which hasn’t happened yet, according to Hilderbrand and Oglesby

Mayor Oglesby says the city tried to present in front of the county’s Waste Management Committee, but it’s just not something the county allowed.

“I made a presentation to the commission that I would like to present [the proposal] to the solid waste committee,” Oglesby said. “My response I ot back from Mr. Hilderbrand after I made that presentation request was he put a motion on the floor to pass the resolution stating that Cherokee County didn’t have a need for a landfill.”

But it’s something the city will continue to pursue, as Oglesby says the proposed new landfill would generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue for Galena each year.

Mayor Ogelsby said besides the desire to construct a solid waste management facility, the city needed to submit applications for permits to protect from litigation with the proposed developer.

Barring legal action, the mayor said the complete application process would take roughly 18 months.