Cottey College will be the first all-women college to have a stock trading lab on campus

Will also offer e-sports program

There’s no better way to teach students real world skills than by including hands on technology and experiences into their curriculum.

“When students come to Cottey, and they use the software, they use the technology that’s used in their jobs it makes it an easier transition for them to walk away with that diploma and into a professional career” said Cottey College, Director of Public Information, Steve Reed.

Through a donation from an anonymous donor, students will soon be exposed to a replica stock exchange trading room with state-of-the-art terminals and LED ticker tape display.

“We’re always looking at new ways to create those programs for our students” added Reed.

The lab will be built in the lower level of the Hinkhouse Center, which is currently being used as a hangout area for students.

“This gives them the opportunity to work in real time, selecting stocks to work on a portfolio to follow in real time with technology so it’s an enhancement to some things that faculty are already doing” said Reed.

This new space is a 2 for 1 deal. The computer stations in the lab allows Cottey to offer an E-sports program.

“We’re talking about very high end electronic machines that will allow us to do both so e-sports kind of came up naturally in that process as well, because it is the fastest growing sports on college campuses right now” said Vice President of Student Life, Landon Adams.

These two new programs will also give the college a clear distinction from others.

“The stock trading room will actually be the first ever developed at an all-women’s college, additionally the e-sports program will be the second ever at an all-women’s college and it will be the first ever to launch multi game platform within that program” added Adams.

The lab is expected to be completed and offered to students by fall semester.


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