Cottey College receives $15k stipend from NFL for women’s flag football program

Cottey College introduced the new program back in May.
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Cottey College has received a $15,000 stipend from the NFL.

That money is intended to offset the costs of introducing women’s flag football as a sport this coming school year. 

“We’re really excited about the grant and to be able to have a couple extra resources and be able to speed up the process,” says Madeline Culbertson, who is the first head coach of the program, “This will help with the supplies that we need…jerseys and things like that.”

“You’re talking about everything from the cost of employing the coach to the costs of the operation budget and travel expenses,” adds Landon Adams, Cottey College VP of Student Life, “Any time an organization like the NFL gets involved in something, it definitely brings a different level of credibility to the initiative.”

The Comets will play their home games at Logan Field, where the Nevada High School team plays its home games.

Since the school announced the addition of women’s flag football in May, they’ve been busy building a roster for year one. 

“We’ve added 8 students to our student body that had we not done this program, they would have never been exposed to Cottey College,” Adams says, “That’s the most important part of all of this, is how can we utilize these programs to provide incredible futures to our student athletes.”

“We’re definitely wanting a couple more than that for a full roster,” Culbertson adds, “We’re looking at hopefully getting about 14 before the season starts.”

The team will play its first season in the Spring of 2021.

The school is excited to give the community a chance to see a sport that’s growing all across the country.

“I definitely think there’s a high level of anticipation on campus,” Adams finishes, “We’ve definitely observed it, on social media as well. I think people are just really curious, especially in this part of the country, what competitive flag football looks like. It’s so popular in other parts of the country, but it’s just kind of coming here for the first time.”

Cottey College is one of just fifteen institutions, and the only women’s college that have agreed to add women’s flag football to its athletics lineup.