Cottey College partners with Nevada Regional Medical Center to provide COVID-19 testing to students

The partnership between Cottey College and NRMC started before the school year began to ensure a safe year.
Cottey College Campus

NEVADA, Mo. – Monday through Friday physicians with the Nevada Regional Medical Center head to Cottey College campus to provide students with an hour of COVID-19 care and testing and to answer any questions they have.

“I have not been there one day that I haven’t talked to a student, about either symptoms or concerns or parents or somebody that has covid, or their fear of being exposed or have already been exposed. So, I deal with a little bit everyday” said Rural Health Director for NRMC, Jama Bogart.

The partnership between Cottey College and NRMC started before the school year began to ensure a safe year.

“With that large living environment, they are highly susceptible. And that also helps to keep it reduced in that town” said Bogart.

“Cottey has for years offered medical services on campus five days a week, so that part wasn’t new, but the COVID partnership was absolutely new for our campus and it has definitely paid off” added President of Cottey College, Jann Weitzel.

There are currently no active cases of COVID-19 among student, staff, or faculty and no one in isolation.

“The testing program is one piece of a larger puzzle and part of that puzzle has been the expertise and the wisdom that we’ve been able to get from the Nevada Regional Medical Center during the preparation process for what a fall opening would look like” said Student Life Vice President, Landon Adams.

Along with entry testing, COVID-19 testing is also being done for symptomatic students.

Specific dorm rooms have also been blocked off to be specifically used for isolation or quarantine purposes.

“If you can test them quickly and identify whether they actually have COVID, that’s quicker you can do contact tracing, and it’s quicker you can return them to a normal, return classes, and what makes college what it is” added Adams.

Officials say the partnership was not only a way to keep those on campus safe but also the surrounding area.

“I think it helped keep the numbers down, because I think if we hadn’t been as proactive, the numbers really would have similar” said Bogart.

Testing is also offered free to all students, staff, and faculty.

“Now we’re a clean community and were a part of the Nevada community just like everyone else and I can sense the community has really appreciated that” said Weitzel.

All of Cottey Colleges exams and classes will be online after Thanksgiving but students do have the option to stay on campus.