Coroner releases initial autopsy results of body found in McDonald County

The McDonald County Coroner, William B.J. Goodwin III, says the autopsy results did not give any clear knowledge on the cause of death.

Authorities are investigating a female body found on a hillside north of Shady Beach Campground.

On Monday, July 29th, the McDonald County Sheriff’s Office was called to Highway 59 between Noel and Ginger Blue. A body had been found by a local man that was bicycling through the area.

Goodwin says that X-rays showed no stab wounds, and no gun shot wounds.

He said there were no visible signs of trauma and no recognizable marks, like tattoos. He said they were not able to get finger prints due to the condition of the body.

Goodwin added that toxicology and DNA results are still pending. Goodwin says they believe the female is 40 years-old or younger.

He added that a specialist is coming in this evening to do a thorough X-ray for dental work. Those results will then go into a national database.


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