Cornell Complex launch party announces latest fund-raising numbers

Project has exceeded minimum commitment goal
Cornell Complex launch party announces latest fund-raising numbers

The Harry M. Cornell complex will be a place for Joplin art and cultural enthusiasts to call home.

“I’m elated for the community and I think it can be a new era for Joplin and the four-state area.”

Harry M. Cornell Jr. the largest donor to the project attended the complex launch party, saying his donation was only the starting point.

“It can’t be just the work of one or two families or people or the rotary club or it’s got to be a community wide effort” said Cornell.

As of now there are 192 different donors that have contributed to the project so far.

Because of those donations, the project has exceeded its minimum financial commitment of $14,000,000.

“That means that this parking lot has a future as the home for the Harry M. Cornell Arts and Entertainment complex, very exciting” added Connect2Culture President, Clifford Wert.

With a performance hall, outdoor amphitheater, rooftop terrace venue, galleries and community spaces, the Connect2Culture and Spiva Center of the Arts can continue to enrich Joplin artistically, financially and culturally.

“Not that we are the sole answer not that were the sole component but we are a very important component to what makes Joplin what it is and really what it can be into its future” said Wert.

Officials are hoping to start construction in late 2020 and have it completed by mid-2022.
“Like if you’ve got a cake all you have to do is put the icing on it and so now, we know what it’s going to look like we just got to get it built and occupy it” said Cornell.
Many parts of the complex will be named after some of the donors.
— The Connect2Culture wing will be named after Dr. Lance and Sharon Beshore.
— Spiva wing will be the Freeman Health System.
— Amphitheater will be named after Leggett and Platt incorporated.
— Rooftop Venue will be named after Crossland Construction Company.
— Collection gallery will be named after Harry M. Cornell Jr.
Exact signage is yet to be determined.

The Ultimate goal for the project is $16,000,000.
President Wert also announced that for cash donations alone, they received $5,132,783.