Cook seeing boxing from different perspective

After a successful career in the ring, Jesse Cook has turned his attention to coaching and training.

GALENA, Kan. – Jesse Cook is seeing boxing from a different perspective.

“I was missing boxing and wanted another area to put my focus in and still be involved in it,” Cook says, “It’s a good area for me to stay involved and have a lot of fun doing it.”

Cook was 18-1-2 as a fighter.

After a successful career inside the ring, Cook is now in the corner as a coach and trainer.

“I’m just teaching what I’ve learned from my dad all these years. So it just comes natural,” Cook says, “My dad was a good trainer and a good teacher, so I’m just passing it along.”

“He’s kind of moving on with life, but he has a love enough for boxing that he wants to do something with it,” Jesse’s dad Dallas says of his son, “Coaching is the next step.”

Cook is currently training his first fighter, Cameron Rhone.

“I’ve watched him fight. He’s pretty tenacious in the ring,” Rhone says of his coach, “Just seeing that glory of winning and the look on his face, I just wanted to feel it and be a part of it.”

“He’s got a lot of drive and a lot of determination,” Cook says of his first fighter, “He’s very coachable. He retains everything that I tell him.”

Rhone has been working with Cook for about three months now.

He will fight for the first time this weekend in the KC Golden Gloves regional championship.

“I feel good about it all, putting in this work and staying focused,” Rhone adds, “I’m a little nervous at the same time, but I hear that’s normal. So I feel good about it all.”

For Cook his focus is on this weekend, without knowing what the future holds.

“For now I’m just sticking with training (Cameron), Cook says, “I’m not bringing any other fighters on. I might pick up more in the future and help my dad out when he needs it.”

The KC Golden Gloves Regional Championships will be live-streamed this weekend on the KC Golden Gloves YouTube page.