Controversy in Caney after fire chief resigns

Controversy in Caney after fire chief resigns
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Some controversy affecting the city of Caney, Kansas after their fire chief resigns and his brother is fired.

Caney Mayor Thomas Burk held a meeting with the Caney firefighters to discuss the situation with their Chief, Robert Jones. Burk says “Last night at 9:59 I received a text message from former Chief, Robert Jones, stating that he was stepping down, as fire chief, and would hand it off to second in command, so at this time I’m going to appoint, an Interim Chief, that is Mr. Nick Wood.”

After that announcement, Burk quickly left the fire station, and a small group followed him outside, asking questions. Burk didn’t answer the questions, instead, a Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office car, picked him up from the street, and drove away. Mike Jones is the brother of the now former chief. Mike was also the city’s animal control officer, a position he was fired from by the city council, which he claims, was for a post he made on Facebook. Jones says “Basically, I put a Facebook post about our City Administrator, who has done this many times in the past, and I didn’t threaten him in anyway, I called him an idiot.”

We spoke with Robert Jones, who declined an on camera interview, but says he resigned because of a disagreement between himself and the mayor. He offered to remain a volunteer firefighter, but he says the mayor told him that wouldn’t work, and he needed to stay off of city property. As for his brother Mike, he says their next step, is legal action. Jones says “Let the Attorney General, Kansas State Firefighters Association get involved with this, because, Kansas State Firefighters Association has a lot of lobbyists in Topeka, and they can make a lot of things happen.”

Mike Jones says no one has any negative feelings toward the new interim chief, as they’ve all served with him for several years, but they do intend to look into possible action against the city.