Construction on Joplin Bungalows housing project officially starts

Groundbreaking ceremony kicks off construction
Construction on Joplin Bungalows housing project officially starts
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An affordable housing project in Joplin that’s been in the works for more than four years is kicking off construction.

Debbie Markman, Economic Security Corporation:”It’s almost elation just to see the project really get started.”

Debbie Markman with the Economic Security Corporation wasn’t the only one excited at a groundbreaking ceremony to kick off construction for the Joplin Bungalows.

Jeff Goldammer, Economic Security Corporation:”It’s gonna be all about the veterans and the seniors who’s lives are going to be changed forever because they’ll have a beautiful new home.”

The project is being head up by the Economic Security Corporation, and has been in the works for more than four years.

Once the development is finished, it will provide affordable permanent housing for veterans and seniors that don’t have a permanent place to live.

A problem that’s all too real.

Jeremy Clouse, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs:”We have a forty bed transitional living program in Joplin for homeless veterans, and it stays at capacity, so there’s no shortage of need.”

Jeremy Cclouse with the U.S. Department of Veteran’s Affairs says homelessness can make issues like depression or drug addiction much worse for veterans.

Clouse:”SO, once we can help them overcome those and put them in stable housing.. they can become productive members of the community again.”

When the project is complete, it will feature 20 studio and single bedroom homes. A number that had to be scaled back from 32 because of budget issues.

Markman:”The project started four years ago, so there were different costs and different fees that have changed. But, the property will support more homes, so we can down the road add, and hopefully we will get to that 32 and help some more people.”

The 20 bungalows are being built at the corner of 26th street and McCoy Avenue.. 11 will go to seniors, and the other nine will go to veterans that may not have anywhere else to call home.

Clouse:”The support that Joplin provides for veterans is amazing. and this is another example of that.”

Projected completion date for the project is January of 2020.

Oofficials will start taking applications for the homes some time toward the end of May.

More than four point one million dollars is going into the project.. with more than four million of that coming from HUD “CDBG” grant funding.